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Women’s Empowerment Cell

Empowerment of women is very essential to achieve sustainable development. There can be no sustainable development without the development for women.

In the words of former president of India A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, “Empowering women is a prerequisite for creating a good nation, when women are empowered, society with stability is assured. Empowerment of women essential as their thoughts and their value systems lead to development of a good family, good society and ultimately a good nation”.

Empowerment of women has become a subject of growing importance around the world in contemporary times. The concern is seen at different levels and circles which include governments, bureaucracy, non-governmental organizations, researchers, women’s groups and all those interested in women’s empowerment. The concept of women’s empowerment is the outcome of several important critiques and debates generated by the women’s movements throughout the world since the eighties and particularly by the third world feminists’.

Keeping all these in view the Government Degree College, Khairatabad has started An Women’s Cell for the empowerment and development of women.
This cell will take care of the needs of the women staff members as well as women students. As a part of their activities this cell conducts various programmes like guest lectures/Extension lectures, health check-ups etc. They also celebrate women’s day celebration and other celebrations which are related to the women.

Members of Women Empowerment Cell @ GDC Khairatabad

  1. K. Suchitha – Deparmen of English – Convenor
  2. T. Aruna Kumari- Department of Chemistry – Member
  3. K. Sarojini Chakravarthy – Department of Botany – Member
  4. N. Jayaleela – Department of Mathematics- Member
  5. N. Jesse – Department of Chemistry – Member
  6. S. K. Zareena – Depatment of Zoology– Member
  7. N. Sireesha – Department of Mathematics

Best Practices implemented during 2018-19

  • Beti Padao Beti Bachawo- An Awareness programme of Girl child education was enacted by students. A pledge of taking up one student educating one girl student was taken up.
  •  Awareness of “Diet habits and hygiene practices for better Menstrual health”. An extension lecture was given to girl students regarding care to be taken for better menstrual health.
  •  A Cell to guide girl students of better employability opportunities was started to help students to gain employability.
  •  To encourage talents in girl students a unit was started by name “ Khoj”. Many a talentad students were identified and recognized for their talents.
  •  Stress Management Cell : A cell headed by convener with the help of selected members of WEC dealt with Stress management of lady staff and girl students. A lecture was given by Dr. Ameena who visited our college for individual counseling also.
  •  Awareness of legal rights : through booklets / Exam/ Posters/ Cycle Rally
  •  Emergency numbers displayed on notice boards for help- She team awareness
  •  Parent counseling cell

Grievances addressed during 2018-19

  • Complaint regarding Lady Faculty Rest Rooms: The faculty expressed inconvenience in using a single rest room as the strength of Lady Staff increased in this academic year. With the help of our Planning committee headed by our Principal Dr. D.R.S. Rajender Singh the second toilet was repaired and made usable.
  • Complaint regarding eve teasing: Two complaints regarding eve teasing were registered and addressed. One problem was handed over to the She teams and parent student counselling was done. The matter was not repeated and problem was solved.
  • Grievance regarding disposal bins: The girl students expressed inconvenience regarding disposal bins at rest rooms which was immediately addressed.
  • Grievance regarding tap repairs in Girl student Rest rooms:The girl students complained about water leakages and spoilt taps. The matter was immediately taken up and resolved.
  • Grievance regarding girl student harassment: Some students raised a complaint that seniors harassed them during lunch hour. Complaint was taken and parents were called. Written statement was taken from boys not to repeat it.
  • Grievance from a lady staff: One of the lady staff had a problem regarding character assassination. So it was taken to principal and vice-principal and dealt with. Concerned faculty was informed and the problem was resolved.
  • Separate time for sports & Games : Girl Students wanted separate time to play shettle badminton and volley ball- which was facilitated.

List of Activities conducted in the Academic year 2018-2019

S. No Date Event Resource Person
1. 24/01/19 National girl child day Final year girls
2. 12/02/19 Extension Lecture ( Stress Management) Dr.Ameena
3. 11/03/19 Competitions AARUSH
4. 15/03/19 Cycle Rally AARUSH
5. 15/03/19 International Women’s Day Ms.Gayathri
6. 28/03/19 Employability Skills Live for ever group

Women’s Empowerment Cell Report (2020-21)

Women’s Empowerment Cell Report (2019-20)