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Reaccredited by NAAC with ‘B’ Grade & ISO Certified 9001 : 2015

Affiliated to Osmania University, Hyderabad

Welcome to Govt. Degree College, Khairatabad.    Welcome to Dr. Gangadhar Panda, Vice Chancellor, Kolhan University, Chaibasa, Jharkhand, Chairperson, NAAC PTV.Welcome to Dr. Ravichandran Kulandaivelu, Director, Professor, and Head of the Department of Analytical Chemistry, Director Institute of the Distance Education University of Madras, Chennai, Tamilnadu, Member Coordinator, NAAC PTV. Welcome to Dr. Badal Kumar Sen, Principal, Kabita Sen Dibugarh, Assam, Member, NAAC PTV


Dept. Info

About Department of English:

Since its inception, the department of English has been extending greater contribution to the college in the area of English Language Learning initiatives on par with the latest teaching methodologies and other student-centered learning activities. A good number of teachers are Doctorate holders actively involved in guiding researchers in the field of Literature and Language. Some of the teachers made presentations at International Conventions and other State Level Seminars.

Objectives of our English Department:

 To achieve all round development of the students
 To empower the students’ LSRW skills through curriculum
 To enhance the skills of the students through Communicative Language Teaching and Student Centred Methodology
 To identify slow learners through pre-test at entry level and conduct remedial classes to improve their competence
 To raise the student’s confidence level by allowing them to talk in the classroom through discussions and seminar presentations
 Giving students enough opportunity to work with language through Study Projects
 To enhance learning through additional inputs in curriculum
 To equip the students with employability skills through JKC training, Certificate Course in Communication Skills and Soft Skills, and preparing the students for job market
 To conduct Seminars, Workshops, Extension Lectures and Invited Talks to supplement the curriculum
 To make students learn Language Skills through academic competitions
 To counsel students by inviting Doctors and Counsellors for the physical, psychological and emotional well being

Details of the Department Responses
1 Name of the Department English
2 Year of Establishment 1973
 3 Courses Offered  B. A  B. Com  B.Sc.        B. B. A
 4 Number of teaching posts sanctioned and filled (11)         Regular –           Nil

Re-Deployed- 04

Contract –         01

Guest –          06

5 Number of Administrative Staff Nil
6 Number of Technical Staff Nil





Number of Students (Boys/ Girls) 2021-22
Groups: B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.B.A. Boys Girls Total
I year 841 341 1182
II year 870 314 1184
III year 913 326 1239
Total 2624 981 3605
8 Ratio of Teacher to Students 327 : 1
9 Latest revision of the curriculum (Year) 2016-2017 & 2021-2022
10 Awards and recognition received by faculty Ms. P. Sujatha   Venkatasubbu Award for poetry -2017   Ms. K. Suchitha-   Best Master Trainer Award- 2018

Total Faculty Members in English department : 11

Sl.No. Photo Name Designation Profile
1 Dr. Zaheda Sultana M.A., M. Phil., PGDTE, M.Ed., Ph.D Associate Professor Profile
2 Ms P. Sujatha M.A , M.Phil., PGDTE Associate Professor Profile
3 Ms R .Laxmi MA,PGDTE Assistant Professor Profile
4 Ms.K.Suchitha MA Lecturer Profile
5 R . Sucharitha M.A.Eng (Litt),M.Com.,B.Ed., M.Phil., (Ph.D). Lecturer Profile
6 G Anand MA English, (PhD) Assistant Professor Profile
7 Noor jahan M.A B.ED Lecturer Profile
8 Masarath Fathima MA(English), B.ED, PGCTE Lecturer Profile
9 Pushyaragam M.A. Lit, M.A. ELT, B.Ed Lecturer Profile
10 Shaik Salman Ali M.A, B.Ed, TEFL, SET Lecturer Profile
11 Salma Begum MA(English), B.Ed Lecturer Profile
Photo Gallery:

I.                   MOU with MAKRO Foundation and Live Forever:

The Department of English established a linkage with MAKRO Foundation, a non­profit organization initiated as a Corporate Social Responsibility of VNS MAKRO Groups in 01.09.2010 and with five forever in 2018.

Together the parties entered into Memorandum of Understanding to seek to work towards the betterment of the student community through the 3 Es.

  • EMPOWERMENT of the students with emotional or psychological health problems
  • EDUCATION and awareness to protect the sanctity of human life and
  • EFFECTIVE SUPPORT through Quality Education

Among the activities planned and conducted through the years are:

  • Workshops on life skills, personality development
  • Training sessions/awareness campaigns on social and psychological problems
  • Workshop that lay stress on suicide prevention
  • Programs related to stress management
  • Counselling sessions for the students
  • Provision of psychological support through psychological education
  • Activities for positive mental health

Workshop on Life Skills by MAKRO Foundation


I.                   Study Projects

Language learning involves learners getting engaged with the language. We know that exposure to language through visual/print and oral medium is essential. This is what the textbook, other print and audio materials and teacher’s language attempt to do. However this exposure alone is not sufficient. Students need to be given opportunities to work with language. They should read, think about the ideas of the text, understand the meaning of the words, notice the form of the structures etc., while being exposed to the language and working with language on their own. This engagement with language makes them internalize meaning of words and structures.

In addition to textbook activities, project work could be used as an effective strategy to promote collaborative ways of language learning where learners work together in groups to do an activity or a task for some period. When learners work together on a particular topic/ idea they collect information and ideas, observer language being used, use language in real life situations exchange views and debate on ideas, write the ideas into a report, edit their working and produce the report in suitable form.

It is with all these objectives and more, the Department of English has been planning a series of projects every year and it is another best practice with us. We were continuously selected at state level Jignasa competition sponsored by Commissioner of Collegiate Education.

A student research project titled “Error Analysis” was presented at the state level Jignasa competitions in 2018-19 under the supervision of Mrs. Zaheda Sultana.

In 2019-20 Mrs. R. Lakshmi supervised student research project for Jignasa competitions titled “Reading Skills and some Effective Strategies”.

Mrs. P. Sujatha has supervised 2021-22 student study project for Jignasa competition titled “COVID 19: Challenges of online English language learning at UG level.



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