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Harithaharam @ GDC, Khairathabad

As per the instructions given by CCE, Govt. of Telangana, Government Degree College, Khairatabad has organized an “Awareness Student Rally” on “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram” in the college premises, Chinthal basti and Anand Nagar colony on 25.08.2018. Staff and Students along with NCC and NSS students actively participated in the rally showing placards and giving slogans on plantation and protection of the environment.

The Principal, Dr. DSR Rajender Singh participated in the rally and delivered a speech on the importance of massive plantation, protection of environment and pros and cons of the flood disaster in Kerala. He also emphasized to increase the forest area from 24% to 33%, which will happen by planting trees and protecting by the individual. The rally was ended by giving the pledge of TKHH by the staff and the students.

The rally was led by the Principal, Smt. B. Sofia Rani, Haritha haram convenor, NCC officer DR. P. Vijaya, NSS officers Dr. K. Sarojini Chakravarthy, Sri. Ambati Ramana, Dr. Prabhakar and other teaching faculties Dr Y. Venkateshwarlu, Smt. Aruna Kumari, Smt. Jesse, Smt. Archana, Smt. Manideepa, Smt. N. Chandana, Smt. Swarna, Dr. Jagadeeshwar.

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